Hi there

I’m Jo, a twenty something mama from Sheffield who is learning what it means to live life with a gorgeous little human filling up my hours and bringing me joy, indescribable love, questions, tears and everything in between. Esther Cerys Grace is baby number one in mine and my husband Jonny’s life and like everyone says, nothing really prepared us for what life now looks like.

This little space right here is my place to share my experiences as a mama, not because I know it all but because I want to share my story, what I learn, my mistakes and joys so that other mamas will be encouraged, blessed and maybe grow as a mama through it. And I want to learn from you guys too so comment, message, chat … you guys out there will know so much more than me and I want to hear it!

I have dabbled in the world of blogging before; I love to sit down and write so it brings me joy just to be able to sit down and do this. I guess that’s another reason I’m doing it – to have some time for me in the midst of a life that is full of others, especially little Esther. Since becoming a mama I have learnt so many things that no-one ever told me and I think that plus my desire to put [metaphorical] pen to paper has also inspired me to set up Flourish and Blossom.

I’ve got another post in the planning which explains the story behind the name but in the mean time I hope you enjoy sharing our family journey in parenthood, life, faith and fun.

Thanks for joining me on this precious journey.