Welcome to Slow Motherhood. I’m the face and thoughts behind it, Jo.

I’m most often found with a mum bun. Have two gorgeous little ones who bring such joy to my heart [their faces likely won’t feature on this blog but you might see the backs of their heads!]. Find my headspace in nature. Enjoy sharing good food with my Mr when we get the chance to dress up and go out. Sheffield is a great place to be a foodie! And I’m learning what it means to be a follower of Jesus as a woman and mama.

I’ve always enjoyed writing and having an outlet for my head full of thoughts so this space is that.

It will be filled with stories of parenting, warts and all, alongside our choices as a family to live more slowly.

What does that even mean? Well for us it looks like …

Caring for our world and the people who live in it by making ethical and environmental choices about what we choose to buy

Choosing to live with less … we still have a long way to go with this

Being intentional about making time for my mental wellbeing as a mama

Learning how to follow Jesus

And lots of getting out in nature!

There are probably other things too but I guess we’ll find out as they pop up on the blog!

Thanks for sharing our slow living journey.